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D.C. isn’t just a city purely driven by politics—it’s also where some of the world’s best music venues, prolific bands and groundbreaking musical projects live. Presented by music magazine D.C. Music Download, Know Your Scene spotlights some of the most influential and interesting people who shape D.C.'s music scene. Each episode will offer an in-depth look into what happening inside the nation’s capital through topical discussions and interviews, spotlighting the music community’s unique DIY ethos and independent spirit.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Peter Lillis

    Peter Lillis is a jack of all trades in D.C.'s music scene. After successfully launching one of the city's most prolific independent record labels, Babe City, and heading up marketing efforts for music venue Union Stage, Peter has launched his own music showcase called This/Side. On this week's episode, we discuss with Peter what's new and notable in D.C. music.

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    Marcus Dowling

    We dive into the D.C. music scene with Marcus Dowling, a local native and prolific music journalist who's written for culture giants like Pitchfork, Complex, and Vice.

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    Bringing D.C. Music to the National Stage

    D.C. has a burgenoning indie music scene. But Erik A. Moses (Senior Vice President of Events DC) and Sunny Sumter (Executive Director of DC Jazz Fest) are leading the charge with bringing these underground artists into the national spotlight. On this episode of Know Your Scene, Erik and Sunny detail their ambitious plans for making this happen.

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    Lisa White

    Lisa White has built a long, successful career in D.C. as one of the city's top music bookers. She spent over 20 years booking shows at the legendary 9:30 Club, and now she's bringing her expertise and deep knowledge of the city's music scene to her role as head talent buyer for The Wharf's newest music venue, Pearl Street Warehouse.

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    Daniel Brindley

    No one in D.C. knows more about building a music venue from the ground up better than Daniel Brindley. With nearly 20 years of experience running one of the area's most popular music spots, Jammin' Java, Daniel has once again found success through his latest creation--a brand new music venue at The Wharf called Union Stage. On this episode of Know Your Scene, Daniel shares his story and hustle to becoming a local music mogul.

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    Chris Moore

    Chris Moore is a D.C.-based musician and prolific show promoter who's behind one of the country's largest hardcore punk music festivals, Damaged City. Thanks to his efforts, Chris has given a crucial platform to the next generation of promising D.C. bands looking to get their start. This episode of Know Your Scene spotlights Chris' journey from booking shows in his basement to running a globally-acclaimed music festival.

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    Rhizome is a Takoma DIY venue that's home to the city's most inventive and experimental works of art and music. It's a space that was created on the belief that it's more interesting to make your own culture than to consume culture made by others. On this week's episode, we speak to Rhizome co-founder Steve Korn on how the venue is changing the way District residents explore and consume alternative art in D.C.

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    DIY with Jamal Gray

    Jamal Gray is a local vanguard and activist in the creative community who runs DIY space Uptown Art House and serves as leader of music projects Nag Champa and CMPTR CLVB. His fearless spirit, visionary approach to art and tenacious work ethic has inspirated countless creatives in the city. We'll share his story and method behind the madness on the first episode of Know Your Scene